Chyna Nude

We’ve all got different tastes in women.  I like ’em barely legal and nubile, for example.  Some like ’em mature and voluptuous.  Some like their chicks with dicks, but hey, who are we to judge?  Because some want their women built like He-Man.  And if you’ve got a yen for the kind of hot babe who could benchpress you and then quickly toss you into a powerslam, then there’s probably one hottie who’s first and foremost on your mind, and that’s The Ninth Wonder of the World — Chyna!  No need to call her Joanie Laurer either, because she had her name legally changed to Chyna.  Now how cool is that?

You’ve got to be a really brave man to fantasize about Chyna nude and charging towards you with her hands ready to give you a testicular mandible claw!  But then, pain is so close to pleasure, so I’m sure there’s a valid reason to get your rocks off on someone who’s probably got more testosterone in her than you do.  But hey, she’s mellowed some since her introduction to the squared circle in the WWE, with reconstructive surgery on her jaw included, to make her look more feminine.  But hey, if she’s good enough for Triple H and X-Pac, there’s no shame in lusting after this female hulk.

That’s why Chyna Nude was created — for all those guys who’re secure enough in their manhood to proclaim that they want a chick who looks like she’s cut and chiseled from a huge piece of granite, and with huge breasts too.  Those juggs were specially designed for her frame, did you know?  Well, it’s money well-spent, because they really make her hot enough for even normal guys to drool over.  But of course, for those die-hard fetishists who’ve been following her career and lusting over her since her first appearance as Degeneration X’s bodyguard, her beauty has always been there, plastic surgery or not.

It’s her muscles that set her apart from the typical babes after all, and that’s what gets her male fans’ cock muscles all excited for her…