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Chyna Gets Nude And Sexy For Playboy

Monday, August 4th, 2008

In 2000, Chyna and the late Eddie Guerrero were part of a very popular gimmick in the WWE, with Eddie teaming up with Chyna and playing his Latino Heat persona to the hilt, making Chyna his ‘Mamacita‘.  It was during the end of this run that Chyna was signed up to do a pictorial for Playboy.  It was the evil genius, Vince McMahon, of course, who thought up this idea and proposed it to Playboy as a crossover marketing strategy.  With girlie mags and pro-wrestling having essentially the same audience, it was an easy sell.  The choice of Chyna though, to be the one to pose nude was an inspired decision on his part, in my opinion.

Chyna isn’t what you would consider to be a traditional Playboy bunny, after all.  But it’s probably the novelty of her appearance, as well as her popularity in sports entertainment at that time, that made this issue one of the top ten best-selling issues in Playboy’s history.  Not bad for a lady who looks like she could crush you in her arms, which she probably could.  But that hot, naked muscular body does hold a lot of appeal for lots of horny guys out there, so don’t knock it, unless you want a forearm to the face, followed by a swinging neckbreaker!  Imagine how embarrassing it would be telling people you got knocked out by a lady, even one with a kneeling low blow move like her, and with the power to really make it hurt.

Extreme fitness makes a powerful aphrodisiac, it’s coded into our genes for the survival of the species.  So don’t be ashamed to admit you’re hot for a freak of nature like Chyna!  Just click on this link and be proud that you’re into chicks with brains and brawn, and not just looks!  Though I bet you didn’t know Chyna has a degree in Spanish Literature, as well as being conversant in both Spanish and French!